Partner FAQ

Here are some frequently asked Questions about partnering with Bespoke by Demian

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  • Partner FAQ
  • How do I place my orders?

    Once you have signed up as a Partner we will provide you a DropBox Account to upload your orders too. Once we double check the orders we will send you an invoice via Paypal.

  • How long does it take an order to arrive?

    We suggest promising your clients a turn around time of 6-8 weeks, but on average your orders will arrive in 6 weeks. You can if need be ask for expedited shipping for a small extra charge, that will cut about two weeks off the time

  • Where are Bespoke by Demian Clothes Made?

    Bespoke by Demian custom Clothing is all manufactured by hand in our Tailoring Shop in Bangkok Thailand.

  • What is my profit on the clothing I sell?

    Your cost price is 50% off the MSRP of the clothing. You are welcome to charge more or less for the clothing based on your market or any discounts you decide to offer. The MSRP Ranges from $99 for twill to $219 for our luxury Linen.


  • How long after I decide to become a partner will I be able to start selling?

    We produce each set of samples after you decide to join, to make sure you have all the current fabrics. Turn around time from our factory is about 6 weeks. But you can start networking and building your client list immediately

    Check out our Getting Started Page to get a head start!

  • What about new fabrics? Am I required to purchase those?

    All active partners will receive updates to their sample collection free of charge.

  • What about training?

    Our kits come with an easy to follow measurement guide, but we know that nothing beats hands on training.  Contact us and we can arrange some one on one training!

  • How do I find new Clients?

    There are many great ways to build your Client list.  Here are a few we find very productive.

    1. A Facebook page

    2. Local Networking Events ( is a great resource)

    3. Printing Drop cards and leaving them at local business such as Barbers, Dry Cleaners, and other places

    4. Networking through LinkedIn



  • How Much Does it Cost to Get Started.

    The costs to start your own Bespoke by Demian Business are very low.  We only charge the cost of your samples (Fabrics, Collars, Cuffs, and Sample Shirts)  Currently that cost is $799 for the Shirts Samples.

    Other costs you might incur include: Local Business Licenses, Credit Card Processing Equipment (Paypal is the least expensive option) and any marketing you plan to do.

    The Bespoke By Demian Shirt Kit

  • I'm Ready To Start.. how do I begin?

    You can order your Business in a Box here, then start spreading the word!