The Robert August Difference

Most custom clothing retailers just take your body measurements (chest, waist, sleeves, ect.) and give those measurements to their tailor and let him decide just how your clothes should fit.

At Robert August, we do things a little different.  Of course, we take all those measurements, but then we have you try on one of our many “Fitting Garments” that we can then adjust to show you the actual fit of the Garment.   We then give the finished measurements to our Highly Skilled Tailors, and they create a one of a kind Shirt or Suit just for you.

With our system if you want a little more room in the chest or a little less fabric on the sleeve, you can have it your way!  We create clothes that fit your style, your body, and your range of motion!

So, why wait? Contact a local Clothing Concierge and book your No Obligation Private Fitting Now!

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